Emission line catalog (musewide_dr1.mw_44fields_main_table)

The table has 1602 rows, 16 columns.


This table contains the main table from Herenz et al. 2017.


If you have used MUSE-Wide data in your research, please use the following acknowledgement:

This work is based on observations taken by the MUSE-Wide Survey as part of the MUSE Consortium.

and cite the following paper: Urrutia et al. 2018, ArXiv e-prints, arXiv:1811.06549


Name Type UCD Unit Description
unique_id long meta.id
Unique MUSE-Wide object ID
field_name char meta.id
Name of the field
ra double pos.eq.ra deg Right Ascension (J2000) in degrees
dec double pos.eq.dec deg Declination (J2000) in degrees
z double src.redshift Redshift of the source
z_err double stat.error
Error on the determined redshift
lead_line char Highest S/N detected line
sn double S/N of the lead line (abbreviations according to Table 5 in Herenz et al., 2017)
quality char Quality flag (see Sect. 3.2 of Herenz et al., 2017)
confidence short Confidence value (see Sect. 3.2 of Herenz et al., 2017)
other_lines char Other detected lines in that source
guo_id long meta.id
Associated source in the Guo et al. (2013) photometric catalogue
guo_sep double pos.angDistance Angular separation (in arcsec) to the Guo et al. (2013) source
skelton_id long meta.id Associated source in the Skelton et al. (2014) photometric catalogue
skelton_sep double pos.angDistance Angular separation (in arcsec) to the Skelton et al. (2014) source
stellar_mass double Log stellar mass in solar masses of the galaxy associated to the emission line