Query interface

Database status

There is one job in the queue.

There are {$ service.status.queued_jobs $} jobs in the queue.

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The guest user is using {$ service.status.size | bytes $} of its quota of {$ service.status.quota | bytes $}.

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The Quota is exceeded. Please remove some jobs.

New query job

SQL query

Place your SQL statement directly in the text area below and submit your request using the button. You can use the dropdown menus to get information about the database, to query external services or to access example queries.

Optionally, you can specify the name of the resulting database table and/or asign a run id, to group associated queries in the job list. Please choose a queue with a suitable timeout for your query.

A double click will paste the schema/table/column into the query field.

A double click will paste the column into the query field.

  • {$ error $}
Object Type Coordinates
{$ row.object $} {$ row.type $} {$ row.ra $} {$ row.de $}

A click will paste a coordinate into the query field.

  • {$ error $}
ID Coordinates Distance Catalog
{$ row.id $} {$ row.ra $} {$ row.de $} {$ row.distance $} {$ row.catalog $}

A click will paste a value into the query field.

A double click will replace the content of the query field with the example.

{$ service.forms.sql.errors.detail $}

There has been an error on the server. Please contact the maintainers of this site, if the problem persists.

Query job `{$ service.job.table_name $}`

On this page, you can find an overview about a submitted query job. For a table view of the results, the plotting tool, and to access the download form, please use the tabs at the top of the page.

{$ service.job.query $}
Job parameters
Job status
{$ (service.phases|filter: {'id': service.job.phase})[0].text $}
{$ service.job.error_summary $}
Full database table name
{$ service.job.schema_name $}.{$ service.job.table_name $}
Internal job id
{$ service.job.id $}
Time submitted
{$ service.job.creation_time $}
{$ (service.queues|filter: {'id': service.job.queue})[0].text $}
Time in queue
{$ service.job.time_queue $} s
Time for query
{$ service.job.time_query $} s
Number of rows
{$ service.job.nrows $}
Size of the table
{$ service.job.size | bytes $}
Native query
{$ service.job.native_query $}
Actual query
{$ service.job.actual_query $}
{$ column.label $} {$ column.name $}
No rows were retrieved.
  • No column selected Columns of the type {$ service.plot.errors.x $} can not be plotted
  • No column selected Columns of the type {$ service.plot.errors.y $} can not be plotted

For performance reasons, we plot only the first {$ service.plot.params.page_size $} rows. WebGL is enabled (disable). WebGL is disabled (enable).

For further processing of the data, you can download the results table to your local machine. For this file several formats are available. Please choose a format for the download from the list below.

Download table

A XML file using the IVOA VOTable format. Use this option if you intend to use VO compatible software to further process the data.

A text file with a line for each row of the table. The fields are delimited by a comma and quoted by double quotes. Use this option for a later import into a spreadsheed application or a custom script. Use this option if you are unsure what to use.

Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) file format.

Your file is being created. Please wait...

The download file could not be created.