MUSE-Wide field

Welcome to the MUSE-Wide survey project pages!

MUSE-Wide field

This page describes the MUSE-Wide project – a “shallow” MUSE survey in well known and studied deep fields with extensive multiwavelength data, such as the GOODS-S/CDFS and CANDELS-COSMOS areas.

It also serves as a data release page. The current data release is DR1, which covers 44 fields in the CDFS (see the enclosed area by a black thick line in the image above). It includes:

  • links to reduced cubes and a cutout service to download mini-cubes centered on a preferred position.
  • an emission line catalog (with spectra and redshift identification) found with a matched filtering approach detailed in Herenz et al. 2017.
  • optimally extracted spectra for all photometrically selected objects in the CANDELS catalog (Guo et al. 2013) along with redshift identification for objects brighter than 24th mag_F775W

Please check out the news pages for science coming out of MUSE-Wide and please cite our data release paper Urrutia et al. 2019 if you use any of these data.