A measurement of the Ly α emitting fraction among z > 3 galaxies

New paper by J. Caruana et al.

Using the data from the first 24 MUSE-Wide fields, we try to find the Lyman Alpha Emitting fraction of relatively UV bright galaxies at redshifts 3 to 6. We find relatively high LAE fractions, which do not evolve over that redshift range, in disagreement with previous studies that found a rise until approx. redshift 6.

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We present a measurement of the fraction of Lyman α (Ly α) emitters (XLy α) amongst HST continuum-selected galaxies at 3 < z < 6 with the Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) on the VLT. Making use of the first 24 MUSE-Wide pointings in GOODS-South, each having an integration time of 1 h, we detect 100 Ly α emitters and find XLy α ≳ 0.5 for most of the redshift range covered, with 29 per cent of the Ly α sample exhibiting rest equivalent widths (rest-EWs) ≤ 15 Å. Adopting a range of rest-EW cuts (0-75 Å), we find no evidence of a dependence of XLy α on either redshift or ultraviolet luminosity.

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